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The team were fortunate to be offered, a rent free, empty shop in Cowes to promote The Wight Book during Cowes Week, kindly donated by Charlie Field & family.

We teamed up with the charity, WightAid Foundation (who are managing the net proceeds from book sales) and also our designer, Brian Marriott, who kindly put on an exhibition of his unique Glass Art pictures.   Our 3-in-1 reasons to pop into the shop proved a success.  Locals and visitors all responded favourably to the book and we sold over 40 copies with a coincidental spike in the online orders as well within the following days.

Although we have now vacated the ‘pop up’ shop, we still have a presence in Cowes as we were fortunate to be asked by Medina Publishing, who have a new shop in Cowes High street at No. 50, if they can stock the Wight Book – yes, yes, yes!  Thank you Peter Harrigan

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