Celebrating Nature Photography Day

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Have you ever enjoyed a photo of a flower? Or a close up of a bee landing on the entrance to its hive? Have you marvelled at the grace of a gazelle leaping through the Savannah, or the lumbering majesty of a rare elephant as it feeds from the highest trees or draws water from a watering hole? If so, you know what it is to marvel at the natural world around us.

Nature Photography Day celebrates those amazing souls who are able to capture nature’s beauty in the eye of a camera. To mark this day, we have chosen two of The Wight Books Photographers that have taken some spectacular Nature shots.

A Hare and a Pheasant – Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards Isle of Wight nature photography has enjoyed recent national and international successes. Nick was shortlisted in the 2018 British Wildlife Photography Awards and was a finalist in the huge 2019 Sony World Photography Awards (chosen from 327,000 entries from 196 countries) at present on international tour after being exhibited in Somerset House London, until earlier this year.

Nick has a website dedicated to his Isle of Wight photography called WightSeen. Here you can see that Nick has a huge passion for nature photography, in particular Nick has some stunning photos of Hares. This photo is one of my favourite pictures from his beautiful array of work. As well as the many beautiful Hare photographs, you can see some stunning images of our beautiful island

Boxing Hares, Gurnard farm – Nick Edwards

Nature Photography is all about capturing the beauty that surrounds you. Wether it’s the perfect sunset, beautiful plants, or outdoor wildlife.

Nick has captured so many beautiful shots that make you feel like you were there in the moment with him. Over half of the Isle of Wight is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there are plenty of locations to explore the local flora & fauna, as well as well maintained nature reserves, perfect for spotting many varieties of birds and other wildlife.

Heather at Headon Warren – Jason Swain

Jason Swain

For naturally creative images, Isle of Wight photographer Jason Swain captures it all in a frame. His canny eye, deft hand and acute observational skills captivate many. He is a master of his craft and connoisseur of the finer aspects of photography as art. From the spontaneous to the staged, he specialises in a broad range of photographic services that covers weddings, events, commercial and business to editorial photo assignments. His skill, expertise and versatility have awarded him a front place in his field.

Jasons photography has been featured in BBC Countryfile magazine (see here) as well as numerous other publications across the Island and the UK.

The red squirrel is the only native squirrel species in the BritishIsles. They have declined significantly on mainland England, mainly due to the introduction of the American grey squirrel. On the Isle of Wight only red squirrels are present and, with the Solent as a barrier, it is imperative that it stays this way. This means there are lots of opportunities on the Isle of Wight to take photos of these beautiful animals. Here is a beautiful photo by Jason Swain.

Red Squirrel – Jason Swain

The Wight Book is a celebration of the Isle of Wight featuring stunning photos from all our photographers including Nick and Jason. By showcasing the island and it’s natural beauty, we can help encourage tourism and put the Island on the map.

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