Meet the Photographer – Neil Williams

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How did you get started as a photographer?

I was doing yacht deliveries and wanted to make more pocket money!

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

Porn star

Is there an iconic photo you wish you’d taken?

 Jean Guichard, Lighthouse in a storm, at la Jument

Do any other art forms inspire your work?

Yes, music and painting

What’s your best advice to everyone taking family and holiday snaps on their phones?

I have a journal app called Day One in which you upload a photo per day and at the end of the year you can print a book off!

Did the evolution to digital rock your world?

It stopped me stinking of dark room chemicals. People over romanticize film.

What image are you still chasing?

 All the weird stuff in my head

Is there an Island photographer whose work you particularly appreciate?

 All of them, so many great photographers.

Is there a famed past or present photographer – anywhere in the world – whose work inspires you?

Michael Kenna

Your favourite place OFF the Island to take photos?

Top of any mountain

Your favourite place ON the Island to take photos?

 Ventnor beach

Do you take photos when you’re on holiday?

 Never. It’s a holiday.


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